Get 35s on Your Tacoma

Had enough of the stock-sized tires under your Tacoma? Do your factory headlamps leave you wishing for more lumens when the sun goes down? Tired of slamming your underpinnings into every imaginable obstacle when off-road? We understand, and we are here to help with some innovative solutions.

Read on to see how we toughened up our Tacoma with new gears, tires, lights, and traction aids—and tested them all out on the trail!

We started out with the electronics. VisionX 4.7-inch CG2 LED Light Cannons were slated for the Tacoma’s A-pillars, and VisionX 3.7-inch CG2 LED Light Cannons fit smoothly into the front bumper, and were wired seamlessly in place of the factory foglights.

Controlling the lights is a Trigger 4 Plus Wireless Accessory Control System. We installed the module under the hood, which connects wirelessly to the in-cab wireless rocker panel, and also to smartphones via the downloadable app. Now our lights come on with the throw of a switch or the swipe of a touchscreen.

Next, it was off to South Bay 4×4, in Hawthorne, California, to install the 4.88:1 gears from Revolution Gear & Axle, Harrop ELK10994 E-Locker (courtesy of East Coast Gear Supply in Raleigh, North Carolina), and 35-inch General Grabber X3 tires. Watch the video below for the highlights of the install.

Thanks to East Coast Gear Supply, Harrop Engineering, General Tire, Revolution Gear & Axle, VisionX, Trigger Controller, and South Bay 4×4 for help with this project.

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