Nuts and Bolts: MasterCraft Ram

How did Fred install the MasterCraft seats in his Ram? I have a 2013 Ram Power Wagon Tradesman that I want to install those seats in, and I cannot find seat brackets for them, nor can I find anything on the forums.

Matt G.

Fred did an article on swapping MasterCraft seats into his Project White Truck 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 several years ago. Unfortunately, it appears that the article has been swallowed by an internet vortex. Randy Ellis Design ( built a set of custom brackets that allowed the comfy MasterCrafts to take the place of the stock seats. To our knowledge no off-the-shelf mounting brackets exist, so you would need to take your truck to a competent custom fabricator like Randy Ellis Design to have MasterCrafts installed in your Ram. Fred reports that the seats were well worth the effort, even years later.

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