Rezvani Motors Unveils 2020 Tank

Rezvani Motors just unveiled the 2020 Tank. Although it is technically not new (since it first came to market in 2017), Rezvani has made some major upgrades. This extreme off-road utility vehicle literally comes with all of the bells and whistles—and then some. The Tank has an on-demand four-wheel drive system and is part urban assault vehicle, part presidential limousine. It has a thermal night vision FLIR system, since you never know what may be lurking in the back alley. The Military trim features bulletproof glass, a self-sealing gas tank, electrified door handles, and gas masks. Did we mention it also has EMP protection? Yes, a shield from electromagnetic pulses.

The Tank is based on the Jeep JL Wrangler platform; the original Tank was based on the JK. There are three engine options. A 2.0L turbo churning out 285 hp is available for export only. For use in the United States, you can get a 3.6L Wrangler V-6 with 285 hp or a 6.4L Hemi V-8 with 500 hp. The latter option will set you back an additional $35,000 over the price of the entire build. The Tank comes standard with a 4-inch lift and 2.0 Fox Shocks. Additional lifts and other Fox Shocks options come at a higher price. The vehicle sits on 37-inch tires with 20-inch wheels.

There is a full interior leather package available with leather seats, door panels, console, and instrument panel, and a suede headliner. Other options include a tow package, power steps, and a sport exhaust system.

So what will this urban assault beast set you back? Starting price is $155,000. It also takes about three months to build.

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