Top New Products at Sand Sports Super Show

Dozens of companies exhibited at the 2018 Sand Sports Super Show held at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The annual riding season is fast approaching. Hundreds of attendees were looking to purchase new toys or upgrade existing ones. There were plenty of products to trick out your ride. We wandered around the show looking for the top new products.


Vision X Lighting is changing the game with its new shocker dual action LED lightbar. With the flick of a switch you can adjust your vision to your specific driving conditions. Vision X exclusive Vector Reflector Technology features a wide beam that shines across the entire trail. In slower dusty or foggy conditions, the lightbar features an amber light that reduces shadows and whiteout.


Up Down Air system now has a patented UTV tire inflation system called Air It Up. The system will automatically inflate and deflate or equalize all four tires through an ADS controller. The system includes a 90-psi pressure regulator and 150-psi blow-off valve, as well as compressor and tire gauge. The ADS billet aluminum tube-mounted controller features two inlet valves for optional air sources and works on all of the popular UTV models.


A first for the UTV market, Bell Helmets has introduced a new forced-air system. The design allows a user to connect a clean air hose at the top of their helmet. Low rollcages were taken into account during development of the helmet. The system is designed so the rider won’t hit the top of the helmet on the roof of the cage. The helmet is built out of a lightweight polycarbonate shell. The shields are universal with Bell’s product line and can be changed out depending on the terrain and time of day you are out on the trail. A padded wind collar reduces wind and road noise. The helmet system can be wired for any of the popular communication systems on the market with an integrated intercom port.


Rugged Radios’ RRP696 intercom is that latest device released by the company. The unit allows users to connect any streaming device via Bluetooth. Everyone in the vehicle with a connected headset will be able to hear streaming music from the device. The streaming device can be controlled from the RRP696 intercom, allowing the users to keep their device tucked away from the elements. In high-noise environments, the intercom system features a voice-operated control or VOX that will cut the volume of the music when someone is talking through the system. The music volume will automatically resume at the desired volume once the communication is complete. The intercom system will connect up to eight users.


Designed specifically for Yamaha UTVs, the Adventure Pro is the perfect GPS for the trail. The unit features GPS mapping and navigation and Yamaha’s exclusive timing mode, which allows you to run a route multiple times and set lap times. The unit also comes preloaded with over 115,000 trails and waypoints of most popular riding areas. The Adventure Pro has a built-in camera, allowing users to take and share pictures of their trips via social media. Yamaha’s YXZ 1000 models are pre-wired for advanced system monitoring via the Adventure Pro.


Utah-based Motoroof has come up with a solution to provide shade and help protect from elements while keeping the cab of your UTV cool. The shade roof is a mesh screen that can be attached to the rollcage within seconds. The material is made from Razortex and sewn with heavy-duty Gore-brand thread. The material is infused with Microban and can easily be washed and will not mildew. The shade roof provides a 92 percent shade factor. The company also manufactures a rear screen that’s made out of the same material that will help keep out the dust.

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